Custom Buttons


  • Quantity. Our prices are based on the total amount of buttons we make. The more buttons we do, the more parts we order. The more parts we order, the cheaper we get ’em for. We pass that saving onto you. Check around, compare prices with other button manufacturers, we’ll wait.
  • You do the layout. We provide you the template (PSD and AI) and basic instructions and you do the layout.
  • We focus on one industry, tabletop gaming. Your industry.

Think you’re saving money by making them yourself? Remember, time is money and you cannot make them as fast as us. We’ve been in the button business for over 30 years and have made hundreds of thousands of buttons. Even at our smallest quantity of 100 it’s just not cost effective to do it yourself.


Another way we keep the prices low is size. We only stock the most popular sizes of buttons that your fans will wear. Your customers are gamers, gamers are collectors and are your biggest fans. If you give them a button it will almost certainly become a business card that they carry around on their backpacks. Try that with paper business cards.

1 inch – These are the sweetspot, our best selling size. 1 inch buttons almost immediatly get put on a jacket or backpack or whatever a person is carrying. They are good for a few words but best used with a picture that pops.

1 1/4 inch – Great for almost everything.

1 1/2 inch – These are great for company logos, character images, and buttons with a bit more text.


100 250 500 1000
1 inch .20 cents ea./$20 .18 cents ea./$45 .17 cents ea./$85 .16 cents ea./$160
1 1/2 inch .20 cents .18 cents .17 cents .16 cents



Below you will find the 4 main templates you will need to design your buttons. We have provided them for Illustrator and Photoshop only because you cant really make a button in Word or PowerPoint. Click the icon of the application and size you’ll need to download a zip of the template.

Any editing you do, please do not delete the circle layers in the template. We need that to cut the buttons. All art you do should be BELOW the template lines.


1 inch .ai


1 inch .psd


1 1/2 inch .ai


1 1/2 inch .psd


Download the template that is right for you and make your button.

Email that file to us at with the quantity needed and your location for a shipping quote. Our turnaround time for orders under 1000 are usually 1-3 days before shipping, usually less.

We will inspect the file for obvious corrections that are needed and get back to you with a shipping quote and a quick mockup. We try to ship USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes when possible.