Tabletop Day 2015

Welcome to our obligatory post-International Tabletop Day post. For those of you who have been living under a rock (or who have just started...

I Just Played… Hogger Logger

Herb Is Finally Starting To Feel Better or He’s Still A Miserable Prick

Jen and I went to Gencon this year and it was amazing. Games being played everywhere, people (mostly) on their best behavior, and, compared...

Maelstrom: RPGs With Jen

I'm not very good at being serious. Especially when it comes to RPGs, I tend to fade a little when the game requires everyone...

Toomanygames: The Epic Gaming Schedule!

Sooooooo, Toomanygames huh? We'll be the 0-bit little bastard child of the convention. What are we gonna do? Play Freakin Games! Jennifer and I have...

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