I cook once in awhile. Sometimes it's curry, and sometimes it's not curry. These are things that Banana will let me make twice.

Its Recipe Time! Hello Japanese Easter Egg

Walking through K-town last week I had a crazy idea. This is the first recipe I've given you in well over a year so...

Make Me A Freakin’ Beef Bowl, At Home

I know alot of you yearn to eat like us folk do in the big city. Yes we have a Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, BBQ,...

Take-Out Style Cold Sesame Noodles

Last night Jenn and I got back from PAX East and after a total of 11 hours of driving in a 24 hour period...

Itsa me, Golden Curry!

If you haven't figured it out yet, we LOVE curry. Curry makes us all warm and fuzzy inside. We also like to take other...

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