I cook once in awhile. Sometimes it's curry, and sometimes it's not curry. These are things that Banana will let me make twice.

Take-Out Style Cold Sesame Noodles

Last night Jenn and I got back from PAX East and after a total of 11 hours of driving in a 24 hour period...

Make Me A Freakin’ Beef Bowl, At Home

I know alot of you yearn to eat like us folk do in the big city. Yes we have a Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, BBQ,...

Let’s try the Banana Chan

The air is a musty grey, a sign of a storm about to happen. I am heading to meet up with Jennifer at Whiskey...

Its Recipe Time! Hello Japanese Easter Egg

Walking through K-town last week I had a crazy idea. This is the first recipe I've given you in well over a year so...

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