Q: What the hell is going on?

Q: Where are the new board game reviews?

A: Game and a Curry hasn’t gone anywhere. We’re still here, it’s just now you have to listen to our stupid rantings, along with a gaggle of our game designer friends.

Game and a Curry Radio is a 24-hour radio station on Radionomy that you can listen to just about anywhere you can install the Radionomy app.

We’ve built functionality into our facebook pages, this website, pretty much anywhere I could think of. We even have some people building custom apps so you can just straight up listen on your phones and connected devices.

Right now the reviews consist of a show on Thursdays at 5pm called “Roundtable” where 3 game designers and yours truly play a game and you have to listen to us rip it apart afterwards.

I also have a regular stream of “The 2-Minute Game Review” where we break down whether a game is worth it. The rest of the time we have alternative music from the 80s, 90s and 00s with a few specialized music shows mixed in.

We’ll still be doing food reviews here, but most of our content will be broadcast for awhile.

Here’s our schedule for Saturday (tomorrow) for those that actually read these when I post them.

11am – Video Game Music

Noon – 1pm Lounge

5pm – This weeks episode of Roundtable – Tiny Epic Quest with me, Banana Chan, Matthias Bonnicci, and Franc DiCola

7pm – Designer Playlist with Doug Levandowski

11pm – 1am – The Banana Show: Dark Larp Empire

Somewhere in there are a few interviews direct from Gencon 50

And as you’d expect everything in between is 80s, 90s, and 00 alternative music.

You know all those songs you haven’t heard in decades and go “Wait, I know this song” We have every freakin one of em.