10 Questions With… Brent Critchfield

Today we speak to the man responsible for Gruff, Clash and Gruff: Rage of the Trolls. Arthur Critchfield.
Gaac: If you ran into someone wearing an Abraham Lincoln hat and when they removed the hat their head was the same size/shape as the hat, what do you think about U.S. sanctions against Canadian cheese?
My assumption has always been that people wear hats that match their head-shape. I think that is why people have this stigma against fedoras but no-one ever complains about bowler hats… wait we were talking about cheese right… I am all for it!
GaaC: What is the worst trick played on you by gravity?
So I called Gravity this one time, and she picks up the phone and is all
Gravity: Hi this is Gravity
Brent: Hey Gravity! This is Brent I was wondering if you wanted to go to the movies later….
Gravity: I am not able to come to the phone right now. Please leave a message after the beep!
yeah “Beep” indeed Gravity…. “Beep” indeed….
GaaC:Have you ever had nightmares about Trolls and/or Shepherds?
Yeah I have this recurring nightmare where Fluttermind is hiding in my tophat controlling my mind and forcing me to eat expensive Canadian cheese.
Gaac: Neo or John Wick? Which one could beat you at Gruff?
Neither, but Ted absolutely could! Especially if we played at a Circle K.
Gaac: I have played Gruff countless times and have never won. The next time I see you at a con can we play so you can let me win?
I never let anyone win! However I also almost never win at Gruff…. I am really bad at Gruff… We should play some Gruff at GenCon. Maybe I could win!
Gaac: If they made a TV show out of Gruff who would play Brat?
This is an interesting question because Brat is actually the only Shepherd that we have ever made that is specifically based on a real person, Brat Conway, who was the winner of the 2016 Gruff world Championship…. so I would say Keanu Reeves assuming he can beat me at Gruff.
Gaac: I once had a Christmas tree that looked like Richard Nixon, have you ever owned any foliage that looked like a famous political figure?
I am not sure if this counts, but I have a rosemary plant that looks a lot like Noam Chomsky.
Gaac: Assume you’re the lead in a Broadway show that you wrote. What’s the name of the show, and how long before it closes because no one went to see it?
Beards. It is the exact same premise as Cats except that all the parts are just played by my beard. It is basically just 3 hours of my beard. I assume it would run forever.
GaaC: Gruff3? Sell it!
So Gruff is a visceral tactical combat card game about mutated monster goats! You are the Shepherd of the Meanest, Weirdest, Fattest goats that the world has ever seen!
“This sounds Great!” says hypothetical you, “But I am so awesome at card games that no-one wants to play against me anymore”. Good news! Gruff: Rage of the Trolls includes Co-Op and single player modes so you can win with your friends rather than just winning against your friends! You can crush your rivals in the competitive game, you can carry your comrades to victory against trolls in the co-op game, or you can perish in solitary silence with the solo-mode!
Also. Rage is a stand-alone Gruff-Compatible game so you only need this box to play, but you can combine it with other Gruff games to give you many more deck building options!
If you haven’t yet, go check out the Kickstarter for Gruff: Rage of the Trolls.
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