Imagine you are a penguin at a private boarding school with ice covering the floors of the rooms. Now imagine you’re a delinquent and you love stealing fish from room to room when you’re supposed to be in class.
That is what the dexterity game Ice Cool is. This sold-out game was so hard to get, we had to convince the creators to give us a copy at NY Toy Fair this year, because we couldn’t get a copy last year at any of the other conventions.
Now let’s talk about how I’m terrible at dexterity games and I have bad luck with dice rolling/card drafting, but never at the same time! This is the main reason why I love Ice Cool (heh get it, Ice Cool, High School?).
You’re all playing penguins, but only one of you gets to be the hall monitor, chasing the other penguins around, trying to keep them in check. When a hall monitor player catches you, you are immediately out of the game and you have to hand in your ID. The goal of the hall monitor is to catch all the players and the goal of the other delinquent players is to pass through as many doors with fish as possible. The round ends when either the hall monitor catches all the delinquents or a delinquent has gotten all the fish of their color at the doors. Then the role of the hall monitor switches to another player.
The win condition is based on how many fishy points each player has, which are drawn from a deck of face-down fishy cards every time a player gets fish tokens from doors or when a hall monitor catches the other players.
How this all happens is by players flicking these cleverly designed penguin markers. Yes, major dexterity. Feebly clumsy fingers. However, like I said before, I discovered that I was quite good at this game. Not because I have any tactics. No, quite far from it. I learned that when it comes to grabbing cards from the fish points pile, I’m pretty damn good. But when it comes to avoiding hall monitors/catching delinquents, I get caught in corners and fail quite quickly.
It’s a quick game that I’ve honestly been dying to play again, because I like seeing penguins fly around a board. Just make sure if you do manage to get a copy:
1. make a lot of space and
2. hide anything fragile/anything that contains water.
This is a must have if you have kids, are thinking of having kids, if your husband/wife is a big kid, you like flicking things or if you just like to pretend you’re a penguin.






  • Publisher:   Ice Cool :AMIGO Spiel + Freizeit GmbH, Brain Games,, Lifestyle Boardgames Ltd, Ludicus,, SD Games, Swan Panasia Co., Ltd.
  • Year Published: 2016
  • Designer: Brian Gomez


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