10 Questions… Jay Treat

This Is Jay Treat

GAAC – If you were to have 1 celebrity throw you out of a car who would it be?

Jay – Jesus, because he might spare me, and if not, it will have been ironic that I trusted him to be my co-pilot. Also, I just brought Jesus back. You’re welcome.
GAAC – Tell me about your design process. Please intersperse that with the recipe for your favorite chocolate chip cookies so I will stay interested.

Jay – Milk. Once I’ve got an idea to investigate—chocolate—I flesh out the game in my head. Chips. When that idea sounds either fun—cookie dough—or beyond my imagination, I make a prototype. Mix well. I force it on my friends. Plop globs onto a cookie sheet. I see what’s fun, burn the original idea with fire—bake at 375º—and re-build focusing purely on that fun bit. Remove from oven a minute after they get all flat and goopy. Playtest lots, with people who will tell me what sucks. Eat immediately.

GAAC – What was the dumbest thing you bought from eBay while drunk?

Jay – If it’s not the foolish amount of money I’ve spent speculating on Magic cards but never selling, then it’s definitely a box of Hostess Ho Hos.

GAAC – How did you get into gaming?

Jay – My parents played D&D and some 3M games when I was a kid. Never stopped board-gaming. Got back into roleplaying when they made TMNT.

GAAC – Would you ever get matching tattoos with Jenn and I? Like the three of us go to a tattoo parlor and get Eric Lang’s face on our shoulders…

Jay – I mean… Not willingly.

GAAC – This question is about board games.

Jay – False

GAAC – I played Merchants of Araby with you last year. Tell our 5 readers why they want to play it as well. Feel free to put a link to where they can buy it. Do I get a cut?

Jay –  Araby is engine building, deal-making goodness, where the players are clever instead of the rules. And it’s full of camels and beautiful art. Daily Magic Games’ production values are through-the-roof.
IOU 1 cold cut

GAAC – If/when you plan my birthday party, how in debt would you go to appease me?

Jay – I would make Mexico pay for your birthday party.

GAAC – Assume you just won a game of the year award at Gencon or something. Write your acceptance speech here.

Jay – Thank you, thank you. Please, that’s enough applause, I assume. First, I want to compliment you all on the wisdom you have displayed awarding me for—what I have to presume is, like—the sixth straight time. But I can’t take all the credit. I would like to thank my many illustrious publishers, who were totally smart enough to buy my ideas and then make them, or whatever it is publishers do. Thanks also to my playtesters, who probably said some pretty hurtful things, inspiring me to prove them so, so very wrong. And finally I would also like to thank all the game designers who came before me: Without whose flawed and uninspired work, I would have nothing to outshine. Please look for my next game, which—statistically speaking—will be titled Abused Kittens Against Zombies: Legacy: The Dice Game. No photos!

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