Abiko Curry: A K-Town Adventure


It was one of those days where we had to run errands in a part of town that catered to restaurant and bar-goers. Yes, those crowded neighborhoods. That may have karaoke places as well.

If you hadn’t guessed it yet, we were in Manhattan’s K-Town.

We had just dropped off Herb’s daughter’s phone to get fixed (because children should have smartphones as much as monkeys should have hand grenades) and we were trying to find a good spot to eat. Herb wanted to get Korean fried chicken, but we decided that the spots in the area were too expensive for fried chicken for four people at the time. As we kept wandering, we found a place that had a sign that said “$10 curry”. How could we pass that up?

We walked in with the kids and sat down. As we scanned the menu, we found something else. I saw Herb’s eyes light up: $34 for a full meal with two entrees meant for two people, but we decided to split it between all four of us. And it was filling.

The meal came with tempura, a large portion of curry rice, miso soup and a curry udon bowl. The menu marked different levels of spiciness, from 0 being not spicy at all to 5 being super spicy. We ordered 1, mild spicy, and it was pretty hot for the kids. Did they love it? Yes. They loved it enough that they didn’t complain that their mouths were on fire. Did Herb love it? You know how he is every time he finds a new curry place he likes – “This is the best curry ever!” This is until he finds another new curry place. Did I love it? Yes. I enjoyed myself. For the price and for the meal and for the Instagrammability, it was worth it. Instagrammability, it seems that everything in the place is meant for taking pictures. Everything has a logo on it, the china matches the furniture and it’s all a nice dark color to accentuate the pictures you’ll inevitably take of what you’re about to devour. 

Herb edit: Is it my fault I keep finding better and better places for curry? I didn’t think so. The shrimp are almost six inches long and the massive pieces of chicken are surgically coated and amazingly crispy. The curry is possibly the creamiest I’ve had in all of New York. Is it expensive? A bit. It it worth it? Every darn penny’s worth.

While you are eating you are being stared at by hundreds of Japanese action figures on shelves all around the restaurant, some of them are creepy and the rest are creepier.

This may or may not be Borat.

For all you who are too cheap for $34 curry, they have a lunch special menu and $10 stuffs after 10pm.

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