Restaurant Review: Hey Hey Canteen Or I Want To Type An Exclamation Point


“I’m going to take you somewhere,” Herb said, “Don’t worry, it’ll be good.”
Of course, I was wary. Herb’s standards for “good” range from either a $50 steak at Capital Grille or a $12 KFC bucket meal. The “good” statement could’ve meant anything.
We hopped on a couple of trains towards Brooklyn. It was raining that day, but only slightly. After ten minutes of trying to figure out where we were going, we finally arrived at the destination.The place is called Hey Hey Canteen, boasting a banner out front, stating that it served Asian comfort food. We’ll see about that, I thought to myself. I’m also half-assing on a paleo diet, so this will make things even more difficult.I ordered a salad and an iced chai and Herb ordered a chicken sandwich. When we got our food, the first thing I noticed was that my salad was a massive portion. The second thing I noticed was that Herb’s order was fried chicken sandwiched between a Chinese style bao. It was definitely some kind of hipster fusion (which I always appreciate if it’s good).Herb exclaimed that it was “the best chicken sandwich he had ever had” (again, he has strange standards and he says the same thing every time we try something new). My salad was full of flavor – it was a combination of salty and sour, reminiscent of a lot of a Thai fish sauce. My favorite flavor. The veggies were fresh and it makes my mouth water just thinking about it (though near the end, there was a bit too much salad dressing).

Overall, an enjoyable experience and I would definitely go there again.
If you’re ever looking for something both healthy and flavorful, do check out Hey Hey in Brooklyn.
Hey Hey Canteen
400 4th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215
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