$5 Video Game Bin: Sunset Overdrive


I remember going to the movies a few years ago and something happened. The trailers started and there was a punk-looking guy sitting on a roof, sipping a cocktail or something. Then all hell broke loose. He was skating all around a colorful city with cartoon guns blowing up zombie-like monsters with skulls in the explosions and, being a huge fan of Jet Grind Radio, I’m sure I peed myself.



At the end, I turned to Jenn like a child before Christmas and asked with the biggest sad eyes I could make (in the dark), “Can we get an Xbox One?”

I didn’t get the Xbox One until almost one year ago and Sunset Overdrive was already in the “Please make me go away” bin at Gamestop.

Sunset City is not nearly as large as some of the other open world games you’ll play like Fallout 4 or GTA 5, but the city is compact and actually part of the game. The city is your playfield, not just a backdrop that you run around in like the previously mentioned games. Every part of the buildings, fences, train tracks, cars, boats, boxes are all part of game, not just eye-candy. Again, Sunset City is probably one of the best environments I’ve seen in a game. Except for the water, there are no enormous empty areas for you to be chased by a Rad-Scorpion for miles. There is always something somewhere, be it a challenge, horde of mutated energy-drink addicted butt-munch trying to rip your face off. That being said, even with the two expansions they’ve released for this IT’S TOO SHORT!

The Flaming Compensator

The story is fun, the NPC’s are fit for a pen-and-paper RPG, especially the larpers. Yeah, there’s a whole side-plot with a group of need-to-be-rescued (campaign boffer) larpers.

The game doesn’t take itself too seriously, and that’s what really makes it fun. The main character constantly breaks the fourth wall to talk to you or adjust the camera. At the start it’s fun to get killed just to see how you’ll respawn.

The weapons system is very simple. There are around 20 different weapons, and there are a bunch of Amps (weapon modifiers) that change the basic usage of each weapon. My favorite gun was the TNTeddy with some amp that sometimes would make a GIANT Nuclear explosion.

I’ll make this simple for you, Sunset Overdrive is just plain fun.  The biggest (only) problem I have with it is the length. I don’t remember how long it took me to finish the main game; maybe 10-15 hours. It’s still fun to pop it in once in awhile and blow tons of crap up.

I could go on for at least 5 or 6 more paragraphs about how to play the game or whatever, but this is not really a game review as much as “is it worth the money now?” and the answer is YES! It’s. Worth. Every. Penny! Everything about this game was made to just have fun. Don’t take things seriously. Put on some elf ears and wrestling boots  and just blow crap up.

Is it worth buying an XBOX One? Maybe a used one. 

  • Endless ways to kill stuff
  • Absolutely incredible environment
  • As of this writing, Chaos Mode (online multiplayer) is still online
  • There are two DLCs for it that will add about an hour each


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