10 Questions – Chris O’Neill


I recently had the opportunity to interview Chris O’Neill. I emailed him the questions and msg’d him on facebook relentlessly until he sent them back. Chris is the Creator of Kobolds Ate My Baby among other games. This may or may not have happened.

GAAC – Hows it going?

Chris – As well as can be expected.  We live in dark times, and I keep typing GET LAMP and the computer says “Stop it you’re old and unfunny”.

GAAC – How’d ya feel about Suicide Squad?

Chris – I think it was the wrong parts of 2 movies that woulda been real good on their own.  At least, we are going to get a Deadshot movie out of this – cause he was dope.  I was unhappy that Harley Quinn did not punch the Joker in the nuts and open up her own fashion magazine.

GAAC – Okay, Sell me on Bearicades

Chris – Bearicades is a survival card game where you defend the forest against a never-ending onslaught of greedy lumberjacks.  Its family friendly, and violence free – but also a game with deep strategies and high replayability.  The game features 16 unique animals, and each one has a different ability. Bearicades on Kickstarter.

GAAC – Who did the art for Bearicades and can they design me a tattoo that looks like Jenn?

Chris – Weirdly, dude, I did the art.  I drew some animals for the playtest version – and everyone liked them.  I’m super excited by the art.  If you want a tattoo of your lady – i’ll get right on it that – can it feature dolphins with sunglasses?

GAAC – What cons will you be attending this year and when will we Jenn get another chance to build her Artisinal cheese factory?

Chris – So, we are definitely going to have full booths at SXSW Gaming in Austin (MARCH), and PAX Unplugged in Philly (NOV).  We plan run games at GENCON and ORIGINS this year.  The ORIGINS Midnight Massacre will be called TORGAPALOOZA.

GAAC – How does it feel to be “Boardgame Famous”?

Chris – Am I Board Game Famous?  I just thought I was cute.

GAAC – What sort of crazy do you have planned after Bearicades? What I’m getting at is When can I buy Star Kobolds?

Chris – 9th Level wants to put out alot of games in 2017.  This includes the BEARICADES Kickstarter, a Kickstarter for an RPG anthology, and hopefully MEEPLE PARTY in the fall (Meeple Party is an amazing big box boardgame about throwing the best house party ever).  In addition, we plan to put out a a few micro games and hopefully get EPISODE 9: Star Kobolds and SAVE VERSUS DEATH out for KOBOLDS ATE MY BABY!

GAAC – For all those people reading this that are expecting a bit of serious direction or guidance in the BG industry: Tell me 2 things that game designers do, that really annoys you.

Chris – #1 – I get cranky when Designers don’t take into consideration the design of the actual graphics and components in a game

#2 – I get cranky when Designers use Zombies.  I’m really over Zombies.

GAAC – What was the best Ramen/Curry/Udon you’ve had in the past year?

Chris – Sadly, the best udon I have had all year has come from my stove.  And i’m not good at making it.

Thanks Chris! We are looking forward to playing Kobolds Ate My Baby! with you again. Oh, and we just got our copy of Knuckle Sammich.

Don’t forget to back Bearicades on Kickstarter now!

Note: I spelled Bearicades wrong every time in the original text.