Game Review: WTF?! … I mean What The Food?!


So Jennifer and I finally sat down to play a game.

Oh, and what have we here?

I know you’ve all been there before. You’re sitting in the lunch room in 11th grade and you just don’t know what to do with that fruit cup you’re not gonna eat. Throw it at the prom queen! While you’re at it, why don’t you cover it with turkey gravy. Rotten? Even better.

That’s the idea for ‘What The Food?!’ In a nutshell it’s a food fight card game for up to 8 people. It says 2-8 but I don’t suggest playing with 2, it can be done, just not as fun. Players compete to slap the mutton out of their opponents with different combinations of food, toppings and conditions; juicy, moldy, pickled etc. Successful hits on other players gives them humiliation points. When a player has 10 humiliation points that’s the end. Everyone report to the school nurse to be checked for Botulism.

rulebooks. sigh

The initial setup for us was a bit confusing for us cause we’re a bit stupid when it comes to learning new games. After about 10 minutes of futzing around we finally got the gist of it and the food started to fly. The character selection at setup is random so you don’t have the whole “I wanna be this” argument you tend to have at the beginning of games.

The cast

Each character has a special ability action and three other actions that stay in their hands throughout the game. Each turn ALL the players select three actions in the order they will be played and set them in front of them. Each turn is played over three rounds where players reveal the actions they’ve selected at the same time. For some reason Jennifer and I kept pulling the Duck action at the same time almost every round. WTF?!


Some actions allow you to pick up food from the floor, some will allow you to barrage 2 or even three people with foodstuffs. One even allows you to eat whats thrown at you. My favorite 🙂

We don’t like to get too in depth repeating the rules, this is a review, not a training session. All you need to know is the game is simple to learn, and once you get the hang of it, you’ll love it. Don’t play it with Donna Simpson. Google her, you’ll know what I mean.

Back the Kickstarter, buy the game when it comes out. I wanna see more games from these guys.  This is an instant classic on my list of “take that” games going right next to my collection of Munchkin.

p.s. Jennifer kicked my ass… she’s better at throwing stuff at people.

p.p.s. Peter, you’re Awesome!