(P)review: Giant by Joe Magic Games


Is it just me or is there a massive glut of social deduction games right now? We’ve done a few in the past months and I can’t begin to tell you how many we’ve just let slide by. This happened a few weeks ago:

holding a cellphone, looking eager, trying to wake up herb
asleep in bed
shaking Herb, waving cellphone
“We’ve got another game review request.”
“F*@k off.”
“It’s not another Werewolf game!”
jumps out of bed completely dressed in a suit made of silver and a gold tie, grabs phone
“Gimme that, this is a job for Review man!”

I’ve written this out in script form so, if you are so inclined, you can make a nice Vine out of it. A few days later we received a package.

giantGiant is a game for 3-6 players so we waited for my daughters to come over for the weekend to play. Upon opening the box, I can tell a lot of care went into the making of this game. It’s not a production copy of the final version but unlike some other games we receive the cards were printed and laminated, the stands for the giants were 3d printed and it was all contained in a really nice finished box.

Giants are trying to destroy your town, it’s your job to hire troops to beat the crap out of them. To start each player receives 6 cards of which you select 1 and pass the cards to your left and taking another, keep doing this until there are no cards to pass. These 6 cards are your “army” that you will be buying throughout the game. The game is broken into 3 simple phases, “draft” chips, hire troops, smite the giants. Phase 1 – Draw 3 times the number of chips from the bag than the number of players and dump ’em in a cup (cup not included). Shake and pour, you may take up to 3 chips of your color.

These chips are used to hire troops in Phase 2. Phase 3 is giant whooping time. Pay the activation cost on your troops to meet of beat the price on one of the giants tokens to damage him, remove the last token and remove the giant from the game. Repeat until all giants are dead. The player with the most victory points when all the giants are dead wins.

The box says ages 12 and up but both my daughters had a blast once they got the hang of it. Their mother only provides them with Milton Bradley games…

The only thing that really bugged me is the over-use of the word “draft” in the rulebook. Most people who aren’t “gamers” have no idea what that word means. This is a great game to play with the kids. It may not be so much an entry level game but it is fun none-the-less. Will this get regular play in the house? Yes, I suspect the girls will be taking this off the bookshelf every time they come over, and Jen and I will be happy to play.

Jen says I’m not allowed to wear that silver suit anymore…