Guess Who’s a Horrible Geisha?Mai-Star With Jen


I am. I’m seriously the worst geisha ever. After playing two games of Mai-Star and getting a straight zero in the first one, I am convinced that I should never try to live in 18th century Japan.

For the first round, I chose to play a geisha who has a lot of book smarts and not too much of anything else. Imagine that I’m spilling sake all over the customer while trying to perform an elaborate fan “dance”. Yeah, I failed hard. Herb on the other hand, was there, wooing all my guests away with his goddamn skills. Yeah, screw his skills. Anyway, there I was covered in liquor and shame with zero points and Herb had gathered up fifty.
After choosing your geisha, you have a series of options. You can choose to take a card, exchange up to two of the cards in your hand, play a guest or play an advertiser. Unfortunately for me, every time I played a guest or an advertiser, I got them stolen or discarded by my competitor. Herb is kind of the biggest bitch. Ever. The first person to get rid of all their cards ends the round (there are three rounds in total).

I love this game, but it took me a while to figure out a game plan. And by game plan, I mean not choosing a geisha, because your favorite color is green and the geisha looks closest to you. For me, I definitely wanted to have more choices when I first get my hand, so I can have an idea of what to stick to. When I found a proper geisha, I got the chance to beat Herb’s ass (by two points).

It’s definitely worth a play and it’s another one of those small box, big game types. Even if you’re not exactly the most graceful, or the most eloquent, or if you don’t understand physics well enough not to trip over your own feet, you need to try this screw-you type game.

I know what your saying “How did Herb get that many points?” We were playing a two player game. Mai-Star is meant for 3-6 players. It can be played with two and be fun, but as with most games of this type, you really need multiple opponents. AEG scores with another little box game.