So You Want an Avengers Vs. Xmen Dicemasters So Bad, Huh?

Well, we have an extra one. 
Want it?

Well, Do Ya?


Head over to our Facebook page/Twitter and if you haven’t yet, hit the like/follow button. That’s all you need to do to enter. I was going to do some crazy like-gate crap that collects your information but in reality I don’t want your information I just want to give this starter box away because this game is really good and I know alot of you don’t have one or can’t get it. Head over to our Facebook page or Twitter and hit the like button before May 7th. That is all.

Oh, if you already like/follow Game and a Curry on Facebook/Twitter, you’re already entered.

One other thing. We’re only going to ship this to the United States. Sorry…