Review: Chupacabra Dice with Jen. Our 200th article!


There was a while when little dice games were all the rage. You know, the ‘Zombie Dice’ type games, the ‘Dungeon Roll’ games… All the games that would be fun if they were tweaked a little. We recently discovered ‘Chupacabra Dice’ at ConnCon, when a new-found friend, Jeffrey, a representative of Steve Jackson Games, sat down with us.

We played a few rounds of our other games when he pulled out ‘Chupacabra Dice’. Of course, we were first a little apprehensive, given our experience with other dice games that didn’t involve anything other than just… Well… Dice. But we gave it a shot and it was far more exciting than we had expected it to be.
The goal of the game is to take over other people’s die. You each start with six die and you roll simultaneously. If you roll Chupacabra, you can take over other players’ animals. One Chupacabra dice can take two chickens, one goat or half a cow (it takes two Chupacabra dice to take a cow). When you are taking your opponent’s die, keep in mind that you can only take all of their one type of animal. So if you have one Chupacabra dice and your opponent has three chickens, you can’t take any of the die.
On the other hand, if you only had one dice on you, and you roll a Chupacabra, you have the ability to take ALL of one type of your opponent’s animals if they roll any.
The game was fast and required a lot of luck, but minimal logic (like most dice games). However unlike many other dice games, this felt competitive and complete. I didn’t feel like I was just rolling dice for the sake of rolling dice. I think this would be a great introductory game for children or even adults just getting into gaming. If you like the idea of conquering people with dice, then you’ll love this.


Did we mention that the dice glow in the dark?