Print and play Friday: Mad Robots


I Love free stuff. I especially Love free games. How do you get free games? Print n Plays! There are a crapton of people out there making totally marketable games and releasing them to the masses, FOR FREE! One of my current favorites is Mad Robots.

Mad Robots is a tile laying game where you have to move around a board and be the first to gain control 6 different components of a “doomsday deathray device”.

Let me start with construction. When you download it you get a complete package. 6 pages of 2 inch tiles, 8 each nano-bots, rulebook, AND a VHS cover for all of you who actually know what that is. I still have yet to find one to put the game in. Print the 6 pages of tiles on sticker paper, don’t bother with any spray tac, you’ll just make a giant mess. When you got everything stuck to chipboard, DON’T USE PLAIN CARDSTOCK, start cutting. Don’t be like Jen and use a scissors, use a straight edge and a knife. When you’re all finished with that, the mess should look like this.

This is a game you can really carry in your pocket. I just keep it in a ziplock since I can’t find a VHS case to put it in. Jen and I went to The Uncommons last night with 2 hours to kill. There wasn’t much in the way of new games that we could learn and play in that timeframe luckily I had this in my pocket.

The game is quite simple. You start by placing the LAB tile in the center of the table (make sure you have at least 2ft of empty table space. Then roll a die or arm wrestle to determine the first player. On your turn you have a few options. You place a new tile from the pile, then move your bot 1 space or place a new bot in the lab. There are six components to secure so you’re gonna hafta eventually put them all in play. Every time you secure one of your components you can move an extra space per turn. If you have two components you can move three spaces, 3 gives you 4 moves, up to 5 moves per turn. Remember, you can only move 1 bot per turn and any unused moves are wasted. The BGG page says that this should take 10 minutes, but Jen and I being the competitive pricks we are drug this thing out to almost a half hour. Part of the tile laying process is that you are not allowed to intentionally make a dead end so we spent all that extra time trying to screw the others path without breaking the game.

It was a very close game, but in the end, I whopped her ass. By “whopped her ass” I mean that it was a close game and I won 6-5. The game really gets interesting when all the tiles are out and you are taking tiles from the outside of the board to start messing with the established paths.

Should you get it? Hell yes. If you have a printer and are reading this, download it now. It’s totally worth the cost of printing and a half hour of cutting chipboard. If you’re feeling really bold, there is also a 3-4 player expansion to totally destroy and friendships…

Get it here