Interview With Alexander Landa, One of the Creators of 'SKYJACKER'

Alexander Landa, one of the creators of ‘SKYJACKER‘, had just reached out to us and we’re excited to show you how our interview went!
GaaC: Please tell us what inspired you to make the game.
AL: We grew up dreaming about making the first contact, exploring space, the Final Frontier. Our inspiration was drawn from ‘Star Wars’, ‘Wing Commander’, ‘Freelancer’, ‘Star Trek’. Eugene, our team lead started writing space sci-fi novels and we just decided that it is time to make ‘SKYJACKER‘ happen.
GaaC: Is this the first game that you’ve designed?
AL: Our team consists of game designers and developers with combined experience of 70 years. As a team we have been designing and developing video games as part of ALS, which participated in 80 different games projects – ‘Need for Speed’, ‘Asterix & Obelix’, ‘World of Tanks’ and ‘Lazy Town’, just to name the few. Having said that, Digitilus, indie gaming studio was formed in 2011 when we decided to focus on making ‘SKYJACKER‘ game.
GaaC: How did you start getting into games?
AL: Life is a game. And then I was born 🙂
GaaC: What are your favorite kinds of games?
AL: FPS, RPS, Strategy.

GaaC: Do you have any advice you would like to give to anyone who wants to design/publish their own game?
AL: Always do what you love, get inspired, and see your dream become a reality. It all starts from having a dream, but while everyone could dream, only few will work hard, day and night to make their dreams a reality. Become the part of the only few!!
GaaC: Will we find you at any conventions in the future? 
AL: Absolutely. We are heads down right now in development process, but please watch our DigiForum for announcements on which conventions we will be attending in 2014.
GaaC: And finally, what’s your favorite curry and where can we get it?
AL: Sunny Blue – The most awesome curry in town and conveniently located close to our office!
Thank you Alex for your time! You can find their Kickstarter project, ‘SKYLANDER’, here! Please be sure to check that out and as always, take the time to support your up-and-coming designers.