(P)review: Hogger Logger


One of the more finished games that we played over Metatopia was ‘Hogger Logger‘. Despite the title of the game, it actually has nothing to do with hogs or logs. The game has to do with numbers, risk and screwing people over. When asked about the name, co-creator Ryan Shapiro responded that in Swedish, the words högre lägre meant higher lower and it sounded like hogger logger in English. Cool, ja?

To start, five cards are placed face down in front of all the players. Each player gets handed six of their own cards that cannot be seen by the others, five numbered and one Hog card. At the beginning of the turn, the first face down numbered card is flipped over. Your goal is to guess whether the next card to be flipped over is higher or lower than the visible one.
The catch – the cards range from 1 to 15 and other players can use their number cards to change the visible number. Therefore, the closer the number is to the middle, the harder it will be for the player to guess what’s coming up next. Hog cards may also change the outcome of your decisions. Each of them have a different ability that can disrupt the play, such as each player passing their number cards to the player to the left.

Another factor that may change things a bit are the rules cards. When a number card with a star marked on it shows up at any point in the game, you have to draw a rules card, which will be applicable until the next person draws a rules card. These rules can be anything from ‘only odd numbers can be played’ or ‘the current player must only say the next card is higher’.

During play, when someone puts down an eight, that automatically skips the guessing player’s turn and goes to the next one. If someone were to put down a number that is the same as the one that is face up on the table, that person gets to steal a random number card from any player’s hand. The first person to win three rounds wins the game.

I first started playing with three other people who I wasn’t too familiar with, but afterwards, the ‘Epic Picnic’ guys, Eric and Anthony joined in. That was when things got a little brutal. Considering that we were all very competitive, we were picking on each other for everything. Too bad Herb wasn’t here, because he would’ve loved this game, but there’s always next time when this game comes out! For now, check it out on ‘Hogger Logger’s website and give them a like on Facebook!