Interview with the Creator of Mayhex!, Andrew Thornway

Recently, Andrew Thornway contacted us about his game, ‘Mayhex!’, an exciting new zombie game. Here’s our interview with him!
GaaC: Please tell us what inspired you to make the game.
AT: I was at a 40th birthday family meal in Autumn 2012 and was chatting to my teenage nephews and nieces – they were happily telling me how the world would end due to zombie virus syndrome. It was a very good natured and funny conversation and as I was driving home I began to think about making a zombie game as a Christmas treat for them all.
A homemade board game might not quite cut it, but a card game didn’t sound too impossible to create. The basic plot and game play would be based on our rather odd dinner table chat. There would be a zombie virus that needed to be cured, plus points to heal, minus points to make life difficult and random cards to mix things up a little.
I made notes and ideas for the cards – still based on making the game a Christmas present, however the more thought and effort I put into it, the richer, funnier and more exciting the cards became and the more intrigued friends became when I mentioned the idea to them.
I bought several packs of blank cards and made version 1.0 one of the game. It played well and my game testers wanted to come back for more, but we all agreed it was missing something. The break thorough was the Mayhex! Card, quickly followed by the idea to add Dice and Coin Duels which really gave meat and a spark of magic to the game. We’re now on version 5.1 of the cards now. (Please go to for more details.)
GaaC: Is this the first game that you’ve designed?

AT: I’ve created a drinking game with Mike, one of our playtesters. I’m not sure if this counts though. (It’s a good game and has a proper set of rules – we like to think of them as the Marquess of Queensberry rules for drinking.) Mayhex! is the first complete game I’ve created, however it’s given me confidence to make notes for new gaming projects and to revisit old ideas. (Both card and board games.)


GaaC: How did you start getting into games?
AT: I got into gaming via painting minis. I was blessed with 20/20 vision and a talent for holding a thin paintbrush steady, whereas my friends weren’t. They would turn up with games for us to play and I’d have to paint the figures. (Not that I minded!) I still play Space Hulk with Nick when we’re not playing DreadBall (and I still paint minis – in fact I have a converted Rhino and a Tyranid army to finish off for Nick).
GaaC: What are your favorite kinds of tabletop games?
AT: That depends on my mood. Chess is always near the top of the list, but then I’m a sucker for fun games and games with cool minis. Mantic are doing great things at the moment, so I’ll try anything they put out.

GaaC: Do you have any advice you would like to give to anyone who wants to design/publish their own game?
AT: 1. Go for it. 2. As soon as you have your first idea, write it down, then continue your rules from there. Nothing is stopping you but yourself. 3. When you think you have enough rules to have a game, invite friends round to play. Takes notes on everything they say and don’t be precious. If they think something doesn’t work, listen to why not. If your friends don’t like something, others probably won’t either.
GaaC: Will we find you at any conventions in the future? 
AT: I’ve just been to the Play Expo in Manchester, which was great fun. (I got to have a play with Oculus Rift there – very cool stuff.) I’d love to go to more.
GaaC: And finally, what’s your favourite curry and where can we get it?
AT: Now this is a good question! If you’re in London head to the Sree Krishna in Tooting and kick off with a Paper Dosai, then have a Karaikkudi Chicken Stir Fry for your main course. If you’re in Manchester, visit the Khandoker in Bramhall, throw a dart in the menu and you’ll come up trumps.
Thank you Andrew for interviewing with us and for those of you who would like to learn more, please check out their Kickstarter and support these guys as much as you can! You can find them here:
As always, eat fresh (brains) and stay undead!