(P)review: My Little Pony TCG


Finally, New York Comic Con is over. The stench of dry sweat still lingers in my nostrils from fanboys all around as I continuously scrub the grime off my body. Post-New York Comic Con also means time of organizing all of my purchases, Facebooking all of my photos and getting about twelve or more hours of sleep in a night. What have I taken away this year, other than I really don’t like Deadpool anymore? I have realized that I like board gaming cons a lot more than comic or video game conventions. While this year, there wasn’t a board gaming section at the con, there were still several exhibitors that were selling or promoting table top games. One of which was the My Little Pony trading card game.

When Herb went over to them and tried to get them to demo the game for him, he ended up waiting for about half an hour with no response. Lucky for him, he has me. I went over to the booth and was sat down on a small plastic chair between two children. A nice blonde lady then comes over and sits across from me and begins the demo (AKA the script).

We each have our own decks to play from and a special pony. I have Rainbow Dash and she has Twilight Sparkle. The goal of the game is to have more points than your opponent does by helping various ponies around Equestria. The first person to get fifteen victory points wins. While both of you have the same tasks and you’re basically both trying to help each other out in completing the task, you want to complete it before your opponent does so that you get more points.

You each get two different quest cards. The side facing your opponent would tell them how many points they would need to complete the task and the other side facing you would tell you how many you need. The only way to get rid of the quest is to complete it. There are two different types of cards you can get in your deck – Friends and Resources. During your turn you get two action points; you draw a card, then play a card (if possible) to try and complete a quest. Each one of your Friends has a label of how many action points they cost.

When both of you have completed the task, you face off by flipping over the first card in your deck and add the points on that card with the other Friend cards that have helped you in the quest. The person with the most points wins more victory points. With the Resource cards, you can hinder the other person from receiving more points, e.g. you can make them discard one of their Friends and draw a new one.

The game is easy to learn and while it has a competitive nature, it has a weird cooperative feel to it. It’s a cute game and while it is MLP, do not overlook this as just another dumb card game. It’s actually fun and the structure of the game is slightly complex. It can be compared with Pokemon though it does not seem to have the same collectable addiction factor (or maybe it will later).

This game will be available in November, but in the meantime, check out the pictures! Note: I also got a free poster for trying out the demo. It was super cute.