Print & Play Fridays: STOP THE GERMS!


I love Print n’ Play Games. You know what I love more than Print n’ Play games? Print n’ Play games that are so complete they include stuff for print a box or instructions for making the coolest container for a game I’ve ever seen. So far…

Yes, I had to dig in my medicine cabinet and pull out a 2 year old expired bottle of oxycodone or whatever it was I was taking for my back, or pregnancy, or amputation. I can never keep my pains straight…
Here’s the timeline of the build.
August 15th – Found the game on Boardgamegeek
August 16th – Printed the game on adhesive vinyl.
August 17th – Ordered colored chips from thegamecrafter.
August 18th – Tore bathroom apart for a pill bottle.
August 29th – Chips arrive from thegamecrafters. Started cutting up the 50 or so 1 inch sticker disks and applying to chips as I go.
August 30th – Finally finished. 
Stop the germs is a tile laying game because, well, you are playing tiles and laying them on the table. 

In essence you are playing single germs, causing them to multiply, and playing “specials” to wreak havoc on your opponents multiplying germs. It’s a simply little game you should be able to play in about five minutes only if you don’t have to stop to console your opponent for destroying a whole row of their freshly multiplied germs.

On your turn you have two options: Place a germ AND flip or move two germ disks
Place a combo of two germs or two germs and a special and move or flip 1 germ
There is very little to remember while playing. You can’t move a disk. Specials and germs must be placed next to two disks in play. You have three special discs, each one has a different special ability on each side or which you can only use one side. Other than that there really isn’t alot to say about this game except, download and make a copy before some game company snaps it up and you have to pay $20 for it in the store. It’s a great little between games game totally worth the cost of the disks from thegamecrafter and some printing.
You can download Stop the Germs! here.