Primordial Soup: How to Get Ahead in Life as an Amoeba


Another great game we played at Gil’s was ‘Primordial Soup’, where you have control over amoebas. Gil had a friend who fixed up the pieces for him and made him these really adorable amoeba dudes. Each person chooses a color (I got green) and along with the amoebas, we get our collection of amoeba poop that other amoeba eat. Myra got orange, Brian got blue and Gil got red.

Needless to say, the jokes and use of strange language was endless.

One amoeba of each player’s is placed on the board and two of each poop is in each square. At the start of the turn, a card is placed down on the center of the board that indicates what direction your amoeba would float towards and how many mutation points on your cards you’re allowed to have (I’ll get to that). When your amoeba’s moved to the next square, they will need to feed on one of each color poop (except for your own) and in return, you will poop out two of your color.


If your amoeba is unable to eat anything, (maybe because the square doesn’t have enough of the other types of poop to eat), then your amoeba will have to take a hit point, unless you have a card that says otherwise.

When everyone’s done with their movement/eating/pooping, then each person gets ten amoeba dollars that they can spend on cards that give you special abilities to avoid dying too soon. For example, Movement 1 helps you move to whichever direction your die roll indicates. On the bottom of your card, you will see a spot that says mutation points. If you have more than the card on the board says, then you will need to get rid of a card or some amoeba dollars.

Each card or amoeba that you have on the board counts for points and the first person to reach 40 or more, wins the game. Note: there’s a tracker on the side of the board that tells you how many points each person has.

The pieces compared to the original ones that came with the game really made it that much more fun. When we were finished with the game, we had some of the ‘Breaking Bad’ themed cupcakes I brought.


You can purchase this game through Z-Man Games. Everyone needs to play this game at least once just for the experience. For Myra’s blog on how the game went, check it out here!