Kickstarter Limbo


You know how it is. You see something on Kickstarter, get really excited about it, all your friends hear for the next few weeks is how awesome so-and-so game is and why they should back it too. You dream about playing it to the point that you constantly check eBay for it knowing full well that it hasn’t even been made yet. Then disaster happens. Out of nowhere, like a slap across your ass with a 2×4, The project gets cancelled.

F*C!c , What the hell man?

I’m not blaming anyone, there’s always some valid reason to cause a game to not live up to expectations. Artwork not finished, not enough play testing, not enough exposure. In my short time perusing the kickstarter offerings I’ve come across a few that have made me giddy with excitement. 

Road/Kill – From the get-go this looked like a complete package. A complete game. I’m a huge fan of Car Wars and have been since it came out. A few months ago, out of nowhere, this jumped into my face. Customizable car combat with minis included? A whole universe backstory? How could you not love it? Obviously someone didn’t because it was cancelled 10 days in with about 25% funding.

I still want this game in my collection. I’m as excited about it as I was about Zombicide or Smash Up. C’mon guys. I want this now. Please, please, please let me give you money…

Battle Merchants – I’ve played this game a few times. Jennifer played this a few more. We absolutely love it. The guys at my FLGS that I’ve forced it on love it too. Maybe it was the fact that it launched as a four player only game that turned people off. I’m here to tell you that there IS a two and three player board included with the final package. It is fun, ’nuff’ said. The best part of it is that you’re not directly going to war with anyone or anything. You are the supplier for the battles and to win, all you need to do is to have more cash than everyone else. It takes a bit of thinking and strategy to move in on each sector of the board so that you dominate (a) certain market(s). Why isn’t it in shelves yet honestly?

Zynvaded! – This was a new thing to me. 1:1 scale minatures games. The game is simple, as in it comes in a chinese takeout container.

I’ve seen a bunch of complaints about the quality of the minis. Really?! These guys were making them at home! HUGE Props to them. I’ve been emailing them for awhile now wanting one of these with no response. If anyone has one of the original versions they want to part with, I’ll buy it. Seriously, now.  Please. Pretty please?
Yay, update on Zynvaded!. They’ll be at Gencon BUT I STILL DON’T HAVE A COPY!!!!
P.S. Please 🙁