A Quick Curry on the Cheap? Yup, You Can Do That


Work with me here. You’re hungry, you’re tired from playing Zombicide for the last four hours, you’re too lazy to cook and you’re definitely too lazy to walk to GoGo Curry for some of that amazing belly filler.

What do you do?

What the hell is that beeping in the house?!?!?!

Open the cabinet and behold…
House Curry Sauce with Veg
When you’re feeling like I am right now after a con, this is the best it’s gonna get. Make yourself a cup of minute rice, and dump this bag of brown gold right on top. The box says to boil the bag for three minutes to heat it up but from my extensive and meticulous handling of Japanese curries, if you spoon out the rice and immediately dump the bag on top, POOF this is the best instant Japanese curry you’re gonna find. There are also options for the EXTREMELY lazy…
Shirakaku Microwave Rice
Shirakiku microwave rice does not taste like that Uncle Bens crap. It tastes like rice. Rice; you wonderful bed for my curry. This is the gold standard for microwave rice. Each packet costs, on average, $1.75 and you can buy it in 6-packs for less.
Shirakiku rice can be found at any Japanese or Chinese grocery store where the staff does not speak English. House curry sauce can be found at the same grocery stores and I just found that it is sold at Wegmans.
WARNING: Be prepared when describing ANY Japanese cuisine at a video game convention. There is always someone within earshot of the word “Japanese” who will magically appear next to you and insist on talking about Japanese Tentacle Porn.