Too Many Games: Day Two


Day 2 started out slow (’cause we were all the way in the back) but that’s okay. We started off playing a few games of Smash Up and Castle Panic before deciding to wander around and visit our fellow vendors and exhibitors.

The tabletop area took up a good portion of the floor with MTG tournaments, Yu-gi-Oh tournaments, and Pokemon. Mayfair Games were demo-ing their wares, AEG teaching the uninitiated about the virtues of 0-bit games, and Privateer Press showing off Warmachine. Also scattered about were the awesome guys from TCN Games and other indie game/RPG creators. Everyone of us paper gamers were a bit off however, knowing that about 500 miles away was Origins. 🙁 And of course, our review of Kung Fu’d is on its way.

TCN Games

It was great to see Curt Vendel again. We have bonded several times in the past over our love for Atari games (Jennifer would say something about how old I am at this point). He was there on Saturday selling his USB Atari joystick and his book Atari Inc – Business is Fun. If you have any interest in the history of Atari, buy this book! It is a good read and very informative.

The guy representing Privateer Press, I’m sorry I can’t remember your name, was awesome and sold us/me on Warmachine. Note to everyone, The Gamers Edge sells Warmachine stuff now, so please be sure to go visit them!

Lots of people who’ve never played a board/card game sat down at our table to be schooled by Jennifer at Smash Up and Tsuro. We are really pleased to get non-board gamers to finally get hooked onto something that doesn’t involve a screen.

An hour or so later, Jennifer finally broke down out of curiosity and learned to play Catan Jr. from Mayfair games and (finally) lost at something.

The rest of the time, we were sharing beers with the guys from who were placed next to us. Thanks guys for all the fun times!

Saturday night also saw the after party for all the VIPs and most vendors. We had a nice buffet that was followed buy the deafening musings of Powerglove. In between, all in attendance witnessed the marriage proposal of Matt to Anne (congratulations!)

When 9:30pm finally hit, we had to exit the show early because of me not being able to walk anymore. And also because Jennifer wanted to party harder… At home… Alone.

Thanks everyone!