Let’s try the Banana Chan


The air is a musty grey, a sign of a storm about to happen. I am heading to meet up with Jennifer at Whiskey Town, downtown Manhattan, hoping that the place isn’t too crowded. We are usually regulars at Whiskey Taven in Chinatown and we later learn that they’re both from the same owners (of course). We always try to visit whenever we get the chance and we absolutely love the bartenders.

As I arrive, I see her friends doing shots of pickle juice and whiskey, taking turns and cheers-ing. I lean in for a kiss and smell the stench of sweet rum and coconut on her breath. “What did you drink?” I ask. She responded, slightly tipsy, that she had a specialized bar cocktail. However instead of whiskey, she asked for rum.

That’s when it hit me.

“Are you ready for your next drink yet?” I ask Jennifer. She nods and I call over the bartender and ask him to make a cocktail. One that will be named after my girlfriend’s pseudonym, Banana Chan.

2 parts Stoli Banana
4 parts Malibu
1/4 cup sour mix
2 mulled lemons
Shake with a splash of seltzer

Drink one, you’re happy. Drink two, and you swear there are monkeys crawling on your face. While it’s a little too sweet for my taste, Jennifer loved it. Of course, she loved it even more that there’s now a drink named after her.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you get laid.


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