Destroying a city while it’s 95 degrees outside…


So last Friday I got a Facebook update that 5th Street Games will be publishing Smash Monster Rampage. I watched the trailer and for the first minute I was “meh” and then the trailer switched to the actual game. TONS of cardboard buildings, helicopters, tanks, and people sitting on top of buildings.
Oh, crap! I was sold. I found the files here:

I was not surprised that it was 42 pages of stuff. You only have to print and cut about 32 pages so it wasn’t so bad. It only took about 4 hours total. Make sure you have a box ready to house this stuff because a bag just won’t do. Oh, and if you have the ability to, piece the board together into 1 sheet and print it at Kinko’s or something because those 8 pieces won’t stay together for very long while playing.

In a nutshell, you and another player are trying shoot the monster with your helicopters and tanks. When you hit your target you get to take a card from the small deck which causes something in the game to happen like, find survivors, put out fires, or burn MORE crap. You aren’t trying to destroy the monster because the game only ends when the monster destroys all the buildings or the last card in the deck “Mission Accomplished” is pulled. At which time you add up all the cards you’ve successfully collected and the tanks and helicopters you have on the board. The player with the highest number wins. And let’s not forget that the monster has his own die which moves him around the board.

I have to say, this is exceptional for a Print n Play game. The artwork looks like it came out of a professional shop, the gameplay is mostly solid. Well, it is solid, I just felt like it was missing… something.  I guess for a game like this it just moved to slow for me. Could have been all the realigning the buildings while the monster was moving around the board. As a whole I liked this game and can’t wait to see what 5th Street Games does to make it better, if anything. I know there’s an official expansion with a Tentacle Monster. Thank God is not Cthulhu :/

2 turns to go and only 6 buildings left standing
As I write this I have found about 4 fan made expansions for it as well. One of em has the monster in a diaper?! Hopefully I’ll be playing Crush Monster next week.

This is definitely a solid game to play with your kids. I will be playing it again, and again, and again…

p.s., where’s my copy of Jungle Ascent?!?!?!?!?!


  1. jungle Ascent is on the boat, good sir. It should be in our warehouse by the end of the month.<br /><br />Also, we are indeed changing up SMR. Survivors are going to play a bigger role in the game, and there just *may* be actual roles introduced, too. &lt;_&lt; &gt;_&gt;