Toomanygames: The Epic Gaming Schedule!


Sooooooo, Toomanygames huh?

We’ll be the 0-bit little bastard child of the convention. What are we gonna do? Play Freakin Games! Jennifer and I have (more or less) given up the digital devil for the cardboard and plastic and you will reap the benefit of our madness.

This just in. There’s gonna be a Pokemon Tournament at the con! Clink the lick for info.

We’ll start out Friday light with Munchkin, Zombies!!!, Sushi Go(as yet unreleased) and a few rounds of Pokemon thrown in for good measure… bring your decks. Don’t lie, I know you still have them.

Saturday is going to be bit tougher, Dreadball, Super Dungeon Explore, Zombicide, Smash Up, Epic Spell Wars, Munchkin Quest, and whatever else I can dig out. (Monty Python Fluxx)

Sunday is still open territory. There’s still a month to go and I’m not sure what I’ll get in the coming weeks.
Don’t worry about not knowing how to play any of this stuff, I have a short temper and love to teach new games to unsuspecting newbs. If you’re a smoker, make sure you bring one of those electronic lung chokey things to keep you sated because I have no patience for people pausing the game for a pull.

We’ll also be selling buttons, t-shirts, and may have a few games for sale.

All games will be sit your ass down first, you get to play, The games we play will be mine and Jennifer’s decision so don’t throw a tantrum if we don’t feel like playing a certain game. :p

As always my arrogance is free.

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