What I want in my collection today


Since I posted my last Kickstarter want list I’ve finally gotten my hands on Zombicide and a few other little wonders. Over the last few weeks, I’ve seen a ton of new games on Kickstarter that need to be sent to me now. I will update this as I acquire them or see shiny new things to add to my collection.

5. ShiftKickstarter – A 1 card CCG. Seriously? Played this on Friday, at first playthrough seemed overly complicated for a 1 card game… We will give it another go this coming Friday though.
4. Star Trek Attack Wing –Whizkids – Star Trek? I’m down. I’ve been putting off getting the Star Wars miniatures game for months now, now I know why. I like space combat games, I’m having fond memories of playing Star Fleet Battles in the very early 80’s right now. And did I mention I don’t really like Star Wars? I always liked Star Trek better. At the risk of sounding like a sci-fi fanbboy, Star Trek was just more realistic. :p
3. Ogre: Designers Edition (SJG) This little monster ended on Kickstarter mid last year and I’m eagerly awaiting a package in the mail. I love stuff!
2. Kaosball (Cool Mini Or Not) – I used to be a big Blood Bowl player and went apeshit when Dreadball came out. This looks equally awesome. Did I mention Elfball? Sigh… So many minis to paint.

1. Krosmaster: Arena – This is a PvP tactical minatures game with really cool PREPAINTED minis. It’s on Kickstarter but seems to be another that doesn’t need to be there as the game is already out AND popular in  and around France (you can find it for sale on eBay, but only in French). Bottom line is I Love the minis, and worst case scenario, they would look great right next to my Unicorno collection.