Bully and Chinatown Curry Buns


One of my favorite Rockstar games has to be ‘Bully’. I think their success lies in the use of story versus gameplay. I personally enjoy having different settings and different conflicts, because I get bored easily. Rockstar has never let me down, from ‘Red Dead Redemption’ to ‘Grand Theft Auto’. I always felt satisfied during my adventures on screen.

‘Bully’ recently became popular again (not sure why). Possibly because Pewdiepie started doing let’s-plays on Youtube. But the game, no matter how old it is, has great playback value. The game uses a stereotypical boarding school setting with your character trying to just get by every day with warring factions (or just stereotyped cliques). We have the preps, the bullies, the nerds, the townies and the greasers. Each faction requires you to continually fulfill different quests to push the story forwards until eventually you have gained full respect from all of them. You also receive quests from the teachers and the school cook.

The great thing about this game is that it plays on the different social aspects of stereotypes. They play on the superficiality of what we see in media and the overall absurdity of two-dimensional characters in popular culture, but using three-dimensional story-telling. One of the main attractions of this game is the varieties of silly categories of kids and how you can influence them.

And what’s better to snack on while you’re gaming than curry buns from Chinatown? Cantonese curry is usually a little sweeter than Indian curry, but tastes similar. A good curry bun would have peas, carrots and chicken (unless you’re getting vegetarian ones). These are a little easier to eat than the puffs (but the puffs taste better).

Best thing to do on a Sunday afternoon? Kick back with a glass of wine and a curry bun while playing ‘Bully’.