Hipsters vs. Geeks


Yup, another one of my social critiques on my generation… As well as Herb’s generation.

So being a geek is cool now. The triumph of nerdom has finally arrived. We are all into watching ‘Big Bang Theory’, we all love playing ‘Call of Duty’ or what-have-you and cracked.com now has an article on which board games you should play. Why are we all accepting these nerds taking over our playground and why did we shun them before?
Let’s start with the hipsters. To me, they are kind of like social tourists. They find something that’s kind of cool and they start getting into it. A few days pass, they obsess over said cool thing and they soon begin to look for something else that’s cool. I’m not saying that this is a bad thing, because I’m a self-proclaimed hipster. My interests have a lifespan of about a week and then I start finding something else to follow. The short attention span comes with my most people of my generation, since we live in an era of Macbooks and iPods and any other Apple product. For hipsters like myself, when we see an older generation (like Herb’s) talk of the good ol’ days, we suddenly want to revert to what they had as well. Not because we want to be old geeks, but because we’re intrigued by this generation and we will revere them until we come to the realization that they’re just dirty old punks. Not Herb though, I still love him. Revere’s a strong word though… And Herb is still dirty.
As for geeks, they have an obsessive personality. The old-school breed of geeks (like Herb) are obsessed with certain things and will take them very seriously. It can be anything, board games, television shows… It runs deep in their veins, but they are willing to explore to keep up with a changing world and environment. They were not as lucky as the new-school type though. They were picked on in school for being dorks or geeks, mainly because they were obsessed with things that other people didn’t care about. Other people didn’t find value in winning first place at the school science fair or getting an A in math. That is until they graduated and realized that maybe they would’ve gotten that job at NASA too if they had just tried a little harder, instead of dropping out and having three kids.
The newer generation of geeks don’t know how lucky they are, because they are surrounded by media that tells them that being smart is cool. And so is being obsessive. Here’s the downside: what you’re obsessed with makes a really big difference in one’s life. You’re into science? Great. You’re into Naruto? Um. You’re probably an Asian fetishist that wears cat ears in public, pretending to speak Japanese (and we all know how much I love people like that).
So here’s the deal, while both nerdy types take it to the extreme with their interests, the newer generation was definitely not picked on as much and they are way more accepted. Why? Because the previous generation saw their generation’s nerds grow up to be superstars and they want their kids to grow up to be superstars too. Or at least engineers.
Now for hipsters versus geeks. What’s the main difference between them? In a marketing point of view, interests are dependent on hipsters, while geeks are dependent on their interests. So you decide. Who wins? Leave your comments in the comments box below. I definitely won’t get mad if you think geeks are cooler… Though Herb might get mad if you think that hipsters are cooler.