We Killed the World Champion!

After a year of procrastinating we finally set our minds to getting to GoGo Curry tonight and eating the World Series. For those who don’t know, or can’t read, it consists of 52 oz of rice, 4 sausages, 2 pork, 2 chicken, 2 shrimps, 2 eggs, and like a bucket of curry!


While standing at the register I noticed something on the register.
How they ended up with it, I have no idea.
Jennifer, who was a little over-enthusiastic, ordered fukujinzuke toppings on top of the pounds of food that equalled to probably the weight of a new-born. We started off strong, with Jennifer slobbering hot sauce all over the plate, making quite a mess.
We finished around twenty minutes after with curry covered lips and bloated bellies. I ended up licking the curry sauce off the plate before finally stopping. It wasn’t as intense as I thought it would be, but later did I realize that this was only the epilogue to the shits of novel proportions. I’m on the toilet as we speak actually, while Jennifer is in the other room trying to Febreeze the smell out of the air.
While our dinner date went a little like the spaghetti scene from ‘the Lady and the Tramp’, we both agreed we should each get our own World Series next time.


20 minutes later…